Textbook Source Images

Textkit is in the process of posting all of our source image scans. The images were scanned from physical textbooks and then later used to create our PDF books. All source images are in .TIFF image format and they are available for download in a zip package.

Why Share?
We’re posting our source images in order that other learners, educators and publishers can remix our content into new forms and new projects.  This could include the blending of textbooks, readers and exercises into new book forms, digitizing the images, or repacking the images into new formats or platforms.

All images are released under a Creative Commons Attribution – ShareAlike 3.0 License. You can do anything you wish with the images, including commercial purposes. All that we ask is attribution in the form of a link back to Textkit wherever our content is used online outside of Textkit.

Allen & Greenough New Latin Grammar Original Scans (3665 downloads) Smyth Greek Grammar Source Images (3392 downloads) Pharr Homeric Greek Source Images (3398 downloads)

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  1. altrego says:

    1. Allen & Greenough New Latin Grammar Original Scans (199)
    2. Smyth Greek Grammar Source Images (178)
    This two zip files are corrupt. Reupload expecting.

  2. Beau says:


    your allen & greenough and Smyth source images are invalid

    can you please update them?


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