Learn New Testament Greek

Textkit has recently began adding grammars and readers to help visitors learn New Testament, Koine and Biblical Greek. Currently we offer the following online grammars available for free download.

Pocket Lexicon of Greek New Testament, Alexander Souter
Download this free and very handy New Testament Greek Lexicon. At 297, the Greek to English lexicon presents key New Testament Greek words with English meanings.

A Brief Introduction to New Testament Greek, Samuel G. Green
Learn New Testament Greek with Samuel Green’s A Brief Introduction to New Testament Greek. This New Testament grammar, for beginners, features 128 pages of instruction, lessons and lexicon. An answer key for the lessons is also available.

A Short Syntax of New Testament Greek, H.P.V. Nunn
In-depth discussion of New Testament Greek syntax meant for the beginning Biblical Greek student.

Selections from the Septuagint, F.C. Conybeare and St. George Stock
Keeping with the Editors commitment of presenting a variety of Greek dialects, Selections from the Septuagint from the College Series of Greek Authors (CSGA) is a unique departure from the traditional Attic and Homer dialects. Even for the Greek learner who is primarily interested in the Classical Greek dialects, Selections from the Septuagint is well worth study and exploration. The book’s main introduction and smaller introductions to the Greek passages all provide enjoyable and informative reading. Unlike many other editions from CSGA, Selections from the Septuagint has a very practical textbook feel. It has lengthy passage introductions that help set the reader up for reading Septuagint Greek. The book also features a large work on Septuagint accidence and syntax. As with all CSGA books, line notes are found conveniently beneath the Greek text.

NT Greek in a Nutshell, James Strong
Greek in a Nutshell. An Outline of Greek Grammar With Brief Reading Lessons Designed for Beginners of the New Testament by James Strong is a very small hand-out of only 30 pages. It features very brief notes on construction and syntax. The hand-out’s most noteworthy feature is its selections of New Testament Greek which comes complete with interlinear translation and very detailed line notes.

Also, meet and discuss with other learners New Testament Greek topics in our forum.

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  1. Karl says:

    much appreciated for this study tool

  2. James DeSpain says:

    I am a retired pastor and want to refresh my Greek grammar. I use it regularly in my Bible studies but I have forgotten much of it. Thank you.

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