Latin Prose Composition Based on Cicero

HCP Latin Prose Composition (12185 downloads)

This Latin composition book, as the title indicates, prepares the student for Latin composition in the style of Cicero.  At 171 pages this book should be used by intermediate learners who have already been familiarized with Cicero text.

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  1. Terry says:

    Very efficient download

  2. As a retired Attorney, I have had many occasions to use Latin in the legal vernacular and have always been fascinated by the these amazing people and their remarkable civilization to whom
    we owe so much, albeit unsaid and unappreciated in our modern “pop” culture of vanity and conceit. Useless in my most humble opinion. Well enough of that, I have always wanted to read
    the original Latin historians, to time travel in a sense, before Western Civilization became addicted to superstitious nonsense, and reality was undone. What the Romans built was replaced by the Dark Ages.
    FYI I have been an atheist since the age of 14..
    Chris Hitchens is my hero…..

  3. tomsophie says:

    thanks a lot

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