A New Latin Prose Composition

New Latin Composition (19891 downloads)

Learn Latin with this 299 page companion to Charles Bennett’s A Latin Grammar.

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  1. Peter Parisi says:

    This is a great resource, but the page-ordering of Bennet’s “New Latin Prose Composition” is very mixed up.

  2. Jeff Tirey says:

    I agree and if I remember this correctly the odd paging was found in the original book. It looks to be some sort of last minute printing change right before the book was bound and almost as if the book was combined from different sources.

  3. Darienne Childs says:

    i have a question… i have bennetts latin composition and its from 1901…. is there a key or something i could use for it… i just found it today but i really want to know how to speak latin…. and i could really use the help… i repel technology lol

    • Jeff Tirey says:

      I don’t believe there are keys for any of Bennett’s books.

      • Interaxus says:

        Not seen this? The Search function will take you there:

        Re: Answer Key to New Latin Composition? Or Not?

        Postby Aether » Fri Aug 20, 2010 1:50 pm

        Patruus wrote:Indeed it does – http://bit.ly/913ZPe


        You’ve saved me a lot of labor. Maximas gratias tibi ago.

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  4. Mags Mathmatika says:

    There are keys to some of Bennet’s books – “Easy Latin Reader” and “Easy Latin Writer” – on http://www.archive.org

  5. Alejandro Pareja says:

    Yes, there’s a key to Bennett’s Latin Prose Composition, I bought it in London in 1989.

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