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AS First Greek Writer (11158 downloads)

Arthur Sidgwick’s First Greek Writer is a beginning level Greek Composition book. What makes this book so valuable for the beginning Greek learner are Sidgwick’s simple and direct presentations of topic, example sentences in Greek with English translations, and lessons. An answer key for this book is also available. First Greek Writer, combined with the answer key makes for a very helpful learning tool that no beginning Greek learner should be without.

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  1. refe says:

    This is excellent and exactly what I have been looking for. It is baffling that modern introductory Greek textbooks leave out English-Greek instruction and exercises while even the Hebrew textbooks make a point to provide them! Even with good reading comprehension I still have quite a bit of trouble translating into classical and Koine Greek, and because of this I can still feel a bit of a fog surrounding the language for me. Hopefully this will help!

  2. andrea castagnini says:

    Interesting, very interesting. Nondum comprehendi si latine vel graece loquimini. In praesentia non inveni graeca colloquia. Sed etiamtum melius investigare debeo vestrum situm. Me proposui ad colloquia latina in Nuntii latinii, nondum acceptus sum.

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