Latin Prose Composition Key

NH Latin Prose Composition Key (5196 downloads)

Learn Latin with North and Hillard’s Latin Prose Composition Key.  They Key, in Latin, provides answers to Latin Prose Composition which is also available.

Fixed version provided by bedwere 03/15/2017.

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7 Responses to Latin Prose Composition Key

  1. L.G. says:

    Is there no key for the præliminary exercises?

  2. t shea says:

    some pages are missing – e.g. 64-65, 67-68, and later

    • Mark Williams says:

      in addition to the above:


      That is all I can find missing from the Answer Key. The main text seems complete, from my v cursory review.

  3. Interaxus says:

    I’ve scanned in the missing pages (64-65, 66-67 actually) and put them into a separate file. How do I get this file to the folks at Textkit so that they can insert them into their Answer Key file?

    Incidentally I cannot insert my missing pages file into my copy of the Textkit file because the latter is encrypted. Why on earth is it encrypted?

  4. Interaxus says:

    I’ve also scanned in pages 80-81 which are also missing from the Texkit key. So now I have three jpeg files in search of a recipient …

  5. Wilbay Njoroge says:

    I’m writing from Kenya in East Africa. Whoever scanned this key, and put it online, did mankind a great service. I myself am truly grateful for it. Gratias ago tibi maximas, quisquis es, pro labore tuo.

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