A First Greek Course, Sir William Smith

A First Greek Course (29825 downloads)
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10 Responses to A First Greek Course, Sir William Smith

  1. Kes says:

    Is there an answer key to A First Greek Course?

  2. Terje says:

    Yes, I’ve got the answer key to this book. I’ll trade you a copy in return for an answer key to Wilding’s Latin Course for Schools, part 1

    • Jeremiah says:

      Terje, I am also in desperate need of those answer keys. Is there any chance you’d be willing to share?

  3. Joop says:

    I use your grammar and texts to help friends to learn some Latin or Greek. We are “old people” who try to learn what we forgot when we were young and hope to ddo do it still 5, 10 or perhaps even more years.

  4. Rob says:

    I would appreciate the answer key – I don’t have the Latin course to trade for it though 🙁 –supahrob@gmail.com

  5. shaho Rahmani says:

    sincere thanks

  6. interpretingthetranslator says:

    i would like a copy of the answer key for A First Greek Course please if anyone has it.

  7. Terje says:

    Since last time someone has uploaded the Smith key here: http://archive.org/stream/AFirstGreekCourseByWilliamSmith-Key/WS_A_First_Greek_Course_KEY#page/n0/mode/2up

    Unfortunately for myself I still don’t have the key to Wilding … anyone?

  8. Terje says:

    Just in case anyone should actually be trying to locate the Wilding key for me, please be advised that I’ve managed to find it myself. Good luck to everyone else in their Greek/Latin studies.

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