Latin for Beginner’s Key

BLD Latin For Beginners Key (48687 downloads)

No key was produced by the publisher of Benjamin L. D’Ooge’s Latin For Beginners because the textbook was intended for classroom use. To help independent learners, this key was prepared by a small group of Textkit Forum members who were all kind enough to volunteer their time, energy and skills.

Fri 23 Oct 12:20:35 PDT 2020

bedwere: Added translation of Page 214-215. HOW THE ROMANS MARCHED AND CAMPED

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23 Responses to Latin for Beginner’s Key

  1. Albert Smith says:

    I have just discovered this site and I have downloaded Latin for Beginner’s Key. Do you have any audio of church latin ?


  2. Samuel Rutley says:

    I have just discovered this site. I want to learn to read and speak latin. I know latin is the basis for many of the romance languages.

    • james says:

      I want to learn Latin too, but to only confuse my classmates and to find a new branch I don’t know of yet

    • furrykef says:

      Latin is the basis of ALL Romance languages. That’s the definition of “Romance language”.

  3. Wong Hongyi says:

    Hello! I am currently doing the exercises and I found an error. The answer for S 34, P 17, Qn 7, part 3 should be “girls, acc, pl”. The answer in the key is “daughters, acc, pl”. The question was “puellas”.

  4. I am a Catholic ands need to put myself foward and learn the language of jesus’s Church

    • John Wiley says:

      You may consider learning Aramaic if that is your reasoning.

    • Kyle N says:

      Hate to say it man.. But Jesus’ church Spoke Aramaic, Hebrew, and Greek.. It wasn’t until later on that they start translating the manuscripts into Latin. However, Latin is good for use of learning how to read the Vulgate. However, If you want to go to the original text then learning Koine Greek (or Biblical Greek) will do that for you.

  5. john says:

    Jesus did not speak in latin. He was a jew you idiot.

  6. Max maxxer says:

    Very nice site, the romans were an amazing people. So advanced and yet so barbaric. Not sure why folks here relate it to church. Jesus spoke undoubtedly some version of hebrew.
    But since the catholic church is ultimately the extension of the roman empire i guess one can call it the language of catholic church even though thats the wrong way around.

  7. Kathy Nichols says:

    Thank you thank you!

  8. White says:

    Splendid- Now there is a faint chance, a chance nonetheless, of learning on your own!:)-
    To the Catholic guy I would like to remind him that we have reasons to believe that Jesus spoke Aramaic (a Semitic language) and not the language of his prosecutors….Latin

  9. John Austin says:

    I’d like to thank those generous souls who wrote the Key and made it available.

  10. Gronk Abear says:

    Hi William look not to make a fuss , but Jesus would have used Hebrew or Aramaic maybe Greek but not Latin, history shows that for the first two hundred years the language of the early church was one of those three the first church being Hebrew- Greek speaking, the Latin church as we have today, really did not get going until 200 – 300 AD the oldest Latin text being around 400+ AD, you have to remember that the mark of an educated Roman Man was that he speak Greek, go figure. and Jesus was not a Roman.


    I too need to learn how to read and write Latin. Could a kind heart assist me?

  12. collins says:

    I am interested in learning latin,I will really appreciate if you come to my aid as a beginner,thank you so very much.

  13. sue clifford says:

    I am an amateur scholar and do indexing for family tree, i need to learn this and it is of great interest to me.
    I love the roman history!

  14. Todd Benson says:

    Thanks so much to the Team for making the key. best regards.

  15. Noel says:

    I just found this site, I want to learn and speak latin

  16. Dallin Kelson says:

    You guys are the m&^%&^%&%! BOMB for this

  17. Dan Charles says:

    I just wanna know something about the Greek and Latin language,since it is an ancient language,it stands for the ancient Greece and ancient Rome,I jusr want to read the original books.

  18. Edward Davis says:

    I would like to learn latin knowing it is the bases for most modern languages,I think that it would make it easier to learn other languages.

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