The Gospel of St. Luke in Greek

St Luke Gospel (7890 downloads)

Download this free New Testament Greek reader of the Gospel of St. Luke. This reader provides the St. Luke’s Gospel in Greek along with line notes and a helpul vocabulary to assist the Biblical Greek learner.

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3 Responses to The Gospel of St. Luke in Greek

  1. Keith Van Soest says:

    Some 50 years ago I majored in Latin, Greek and Ancient History.
    Over the years I have not had an opportunity to keep up my Greek,
    reason why I would like to have the text in Greek. Is the copy you
    provide the one of Van Tischendorf or Erasmus?

  2. Keith Van Soest says:

    Pardon me. Correction: It’s Von Tischendorf, not ‘Van.”

  3. joseph says:

    thanks. hope to be able to read it within three years Gw. joseph.

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