Select Orations of Cicero – Interlinear

TC Cicero Interlinear (9585 downloads)

This Latin reader is an interlinear. The text is in Latin with a word by word translation in English beneath.  The translation is quite literal and it will read very broken.  The aim of interlinear translations was not to provide a smooth well-formed translation, but to serve as word by word aid to the reader.

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2 Responses to Select Orations of Cicero – Interlinear

  1. translipcorsia says:

    Where can I find more interlinear texts (apart from those in Google books and The Internet Archive)?

    • JC Vela says:

      Have you found more books? Maybe you can get The Works of P. Virgilius Maro in Amazon, you can find both cheap reprints or old versions . It’s a well known interlinear work, latin and english being printed since 1882, very famous among latin students. The last version I know is from the 50s.

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