Second Year Latin – Part 1 – Selections of Easy Latin

JBG Second Year Latin (16745 downloads)

Edited by Greenough, D’Ooge and Danniel, this free Latin reader features 62 pages of easy Latin text and line notes to assist the learner.  It is posted online in printer friendly format for convenient off-line use and study.

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  1. Les Chamberlain says:

    What can I say. I am 88 and find my brain doesn’t have the sponge-like qualities for soaking up knowledge that the youngsters have. Determined to learn Latin before I have to leave – i.e. the big OUT. My problem is Memorizing. Any help greatly appreciated.

    • Larry D. Nachman says:

      Well I had a distinct advantage over you. I started Latin while I was still a mere 71 years of age. (My motive was the same as yours.) What did it for me was a series of books by a genius named Hans H. Orberg: , , two volumes of some readers and a teacher’s manual (all necessary and available at Amazon). What makes this different is that he uses only Latin starting simply and building up. In the margins, he uses maps and pictures to explain the Latin words. Look, it really works. Given your age, I am guessing that like me you were taught grammar in primary school. That will be all the help you need. I have been at it for two and a half years. I finished the Orberg texts about six months ago. This morning I finished reading Book IV of Virgil’s . Best of Luck.

    • Janet Weston says:

      Les, I suggest that you check out This organization has a wonderful series of Latin classes, from beginning to advanced, geared especially to seniors. This is an actual classroom experience with a teacher and communication between teacher and students, homework to turn in, and support from the teacher whenever needed. In the past couple of years, some students from these classes have voluntarily participated in the annual National Latin Exam (sort of like taking the SAT!), and have fared extremely well. I think this may be what you are looking for in pursuing your desire to learn Latin.

  2. Les Chamberlain says:

    Hoping this will help me with my studies

  3. Les Chamberlain says:

    I am seeking help with my Latin studies

    • mark273 says:

      Hi, Les. I think it is great you want to learn Latin. I don’t know how you are now, but more power to ya’. I would recommend reading Latin translations of texts you are already familiar with in English. If you know the Bible at all, you might read some of the Vulgate. This is a good way to become familiar with Latin vocabulary because your familiarity with the text suggest a translation to you and you can more readily see the relationships between the words and their meaning. All the best to you.

  4. Maria Scerrato says:

    Hi Les! What kind of help do you need?

  5. Reply to Les Chamberlain re memorizing: I find that I memorize words more easily if I associate them with my senses or if I move about physically, and then add some mental imaging to that. If your body helps you, that’s half the battle of remembering anything. Good luck.

  6. Robin says:

    good luck to you Les. At least you’ll be able to talk to the angels in their mother tongue! If you have carried on learning since your last post, you should have progressed a lot. Vocabulary? Look for mnemonics, patterns, English derivatives, silly ideas etc. Then learn something new every day, and revise everything every wee, or there abouts.

  7. Aysu Nacar says:

    Now that is going to help me lot in my linguistics study. Thanks for sharing it. I found this website very useful for my Latin vocab.

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