Selections from the Septuagint

Selections From The Septuagint (7973 downloads)

Keeping with the Editors’ commitment to presenting a variety of Greek dialects, Selections from the Septuagint from the College Series of Greek Authors (CSGA) is a unique departure from the traditional Attic and Homer dialects. Even for the Greek learner who is primarily interested in the Classical Greek dialects, Selections from the Septuagint is well worth study and exploration. The book’s main introduction and smaller introductions to the Greek passages all provide enjoyable and informative reading. Unlike many other editions from CSGA, Selections from the Septuagint has a very practical textbook feel. It has lengthy passage introductions that help set the reader up for reading Septuagint Greek. The book also features a large work on Septuagint accidence and syntax. As with all CSGA books, line notes are found conveniently beneath the Greek text.

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  1. leandro says:

    This site is wonderful!In my opinion is the best site to learn Greek with great deep.

  2. James Mahoney says:

    I think this belongs with “Greek Reading Text” rather than “Greek Composition Textbooks.”

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