Illustrated Dictionary to Xenophon’s Anabasis

Illustrated Dictionary Anabasis (15874 downloads)

This 297 page Greek to English dictionary is the companion to Goodwin’s The First Four Books of Xenophon’s Anabasis.

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6 Responses to Illustrated Dictionary to Xenophon’s Anabasis

  1. Charles says:

    I liked the old site better. I can not download any thing. I registered and still can’t get anything. What good is a different site it it is useless? Don’t waste everyone’s time. Also I liked the text,s where I can see the total list, not just a few of them. Thanks for the old site that was helpful to me.

  2. Jeff Tirey says:

    Hi Charles, Your comments are better placed in the forum or in a contact email rather than on the comments section for the Xenophon Book.

    I’m sorry you’re having troubles with the new platform and I agree with you that there have been some issues with our mail server. Those issues are not solved. We made the platform change to address the needs of mobile and tablet users. You can view too a complete library list under the Library section of the site, such as this page here:

    I’m going to look for your email now and manually confirm your account. If you still cannot gain access, just contact me through the form and I’ll be happy to assist. Thanks – Jeff

  3. Scott says:

    Thank you for your site! Your site is a very valuable part of my son’s home education program.The Greek dictionary is very valuable as it is hard to find a Dictionary of Ancient Greek in the book stores. Keep up the good work.

  4. DrakoDrakkonis says:

    This site is wonderful and it is what I was looking for..

    Thanks a lot for your excellent and non-profit labour!

  5. lesbaker53 says:

    Hello, l noted in your reply to Charles you state the new site is to address needs of tablet users of which l am one. This particular book is useless for my tablet. Scanning 2 pages as here makes the print so small l cannot read the words. Maybe it is only me, but is there a different copy with larger single page scanning? Thanks!

  6. lesbaker53 says:

    I returned to see if there was an answer to my question. However, reading my last entry I am concerned that its tone may sound unappreciative. I am not. You people involved with this website offer a great service to the world. Thank you! In my attempt to be brief l may even have sounded rude. Nothing further from my thoughts! Thanks again!

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