Movable nu in Hellenistic inscriptions

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Movable nu in Hellenistic inscriptions

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I am trying to get an estimate of the presence rate of the movable nu in antevocalic contexts in Hellenistic inscriptions. The resources that I have consulted (the geographical collections of Schweizer, Meisterhans, Nachmanson...) provide results that surprise me a lot because they agree to consider omission to be quite exceptional (<2-3% of cases). I was expecting a noticeably higher rate, perhaps not at the same level as in the case of the papyri (Mayser grammar gives the omission at ~30%) but higher nonetheless.

Am I the only one surprised? Does anyone have any insight on this issue? Thanks to whoever answers me.

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Re: Movable nu in Hellenistic inscriptions

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Have you seen Threatte on moveable-ν for Attic inscriptions? I can post images of his section on it, if you would like.
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