Classical Persian Language and Literature

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Classical Persian Language and Literature

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Based on a quick search of the forum, it seems like it's been over a decade since some discussion of Persian... So, here goes.

Has anyone here studied Persian and read the classics of Persian literature? I've been eyeing this language for some time. The impact of Persia on Greece and on the West more generally is quite significant and continues to be felt. For the language, we have the shared PIE roots which should make the language easier than some of the other langauges of Western Asia for the native speaker of an IE langauge, but then there's also the use of an Arabic Abjad for New Persian. What's your experience been like learning Persian for literature? Also, have any of you studied Middle-Persian, Avestanic, or Old Persian?

I'm also curious, what kind of literature exists prior to New Persian? I know that a lot of the canon of Zoroastrian religious texts are written in Pahlavi / Middle Persian, and the Gathas were written in an even older Persian closely related to the language of the Indian Vedas. There are also many inscriptions from the Achaemenids, Parthians and Sassanids. But what other kinds of texts are there before New Persian? There apparently also existed a famous library at Ctesiphon, capital of the Sassanid empire located near modern Baghdad.

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