Online exercises for LLPSI Familia Romana

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Online exercises for LLPSI Familia Romana

Post by JasonBaker »

For those of you using LLPSI Familia
Romana I am sure you are already aware of the YouTube Playlist that Luke Ranieri made. He has also recorded audio for many of the LLPSI ancillary books and even a lot of Roma Aeterna done. What you may or may not be aware of is that all the exercises from the Familia Romana workbook are available online with built in answer key. It has extensive exercises for all 35 Chapters. Here is the link:

Also if it helps anyone here is my Quizlet folder that has flashcards for all 35 chapters, many with pictures added. I have audio added to the first 10 chapters and with add more in the coming week.

Studying Lingua Latina LLPSI folder on Quizlet: ... qU&i=8ay80

If there are any Memrise users, here is a great course for Familia Romana that included audio :

Familia Rōmāna Lingua Latīna per sē ill… - by PatriciusPulcher - Memrise ... llustrata/

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Re: Online exercises for LLPSI Familia Romana

Post by Ronolio »

Thank you. This is excellent. I am going to be using LLPSI for my Latin classes starting next fall term and these will be quite useful for my students.

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Re: Online exercises for LLPSI Familia Romana

Post by seneca2008 »

Two notes of caution. Having worked through some of this for my class I found a few mistakes. Which is not surprising.

The only one I have a note of is as follows:

"The answer given for exercise 8 cap XIII does not seem to me to be right.
Quis dīcitur diēs tertius decimus mēnsis Aprīlis? ... is diēs dīcitur 'nōnae Aprīlēs' "
The correct answer should be idūs not nōnae? "

If I am wrong please let me know.

Secondly the answers to the questions posed in latin are often not complete Latin sentences. They make sense but I think there is some value in repeating part of the question in the answer. We probably all have different ideas about this. As the course progresses there are increasingly more ways of answering the question and the one offered on the web site might not be the best one or the one which occurs to students (or teachers!).

It is however a useful resource.
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Re: Online exercises for LLPSI Familia Romana

Post by Aurēliānus Agricola »

seneca2008 wrote: Tue Dec 20, 2022 6:14 pm I think there is some value in repeating part of the question in the answer.
I totally agree with that: it helps students to learn how to build complex sentences, use the grammar points in context and not only fill gaps in exercises, memorize vocabulary and so on.

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