Memorizing Homer Passages

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Memorizing Homer Passages

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Hello all,

After my last post on reading Homer, using the helpful tips from users here, I've reached the second half of book 5. After initial difficulty, I now average 100-150 lines a day. Thank you for that.
I've recently watched an interview posted by Triodos Trivium on YouTube (if you can speak and understand AG it is very much worth the time) and the speaker mentions the value of memorizing. To this end, and because of previous thoughts on the matter, I've decided to memorize some passages from the Iliad. I've looked at previous posts here and see that some people subscribe to the value of memorization.
My main goal is to ingrain vocabulary, sentences, and meter that both have a nice meaning or are memorable and that will provide good didactic value as reference for further reading. A good friend of mine suggested that I memorize at least some lines from every book. I've selected some that I like, but really could not settle on a larger passage because of my second requirement: didactic value. While there are many passages that I like (simile of the leaves from 6, Agamemnon's imperative to prepare for war in book 2, Aphrodite's "the Achaeans now fight the gods" from 5, etc.) none of these seem to have a good vocabulary that is representative of the Iliad in general. I am, οὖν, asking for suggestions, if you have any.
(PS, yes I have memorized some of Iliad 1 and I've read book 1 enough to want to stay away from it for a while)
Thank you in advance

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Re: Memorizing Homer Passages

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The scene between Hector and Andromache at the end of Book 6

Sarpedon's speech to Glaukos in Book 12

Achilles' response to Phoinix in Book 9

Priam's speech to Achilles in Book 24 and Achilles' response

The seduction of Zeus, Διὸς ἀπάτη in Book 12

And, of course, you could memorize the Catalogue of Ships.

I remember reading a number of years ago in my university's magazine for alumni about an alumnus who memorized the Iliad and the Odyssey.
Bill Walderman

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