Good evening!

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Good evening!

Post by Callum »

Or maybe it isn't where you are.

Anyway I've just begun learning Attic Greek and I'm really enjoying it. (Inflections are a pain tho ;()

Additionally I'm 16 and I hope to study Classics and Philosophy in the future which is why I'm interested in Attic Greek.

The way I've started learning is by first trying to get over grammar mountain by going through the textbook, "Introduction to Attic Greek" by Mastronarde.

The main part in struggling with right now is the different cases, but maybe that's because the book hasn't explained that yet. Oh well, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it...

Anyway thanks for watching my YouTube video, make sure to like, subscribe, and ring the notification bell so you don't miss any new videos! ;)

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Re: Good evening!

Post by jeidsath »

Good morning here, but welcome either way.

The video stream appears to be down and all that I'm seeing are these strange γράμματα things all over the page.
"Here stuck the great stupid boys, who for the life of them could never master the accidence..."

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