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Help with translation

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Can anyone help me with the translation of the following lines?

cum autem loti fuerint pedes et omni sorde purgati, calceantur ὑακίνθινις <pellibus> siue ιανθινις — quod utrumque *ἀέρον et *κύανέον coloris est — ut rapiantur in occursum Domini in aerem, et ad caelestia regna festinent

I have seen the following two translations, there are subtle differences which are important to me:

1. "and when the feet have been washed and cleansed of all dirt, let them be shod with ὑακίνθινις or ιανθινις - which is both *ἀέρον and *κύανέον in color - so that they may be caught up to meet the Lord in the air and hasten to the heavenly kingdoms."

2. "but when they washed their feet and cleansed them from all defilement, they are shod in ὑακίνθινις or ιανθινις, each of which pertains to the colors ἀέρίον and κύανέον, so that they are caught up to meet the Lord in the air (Thess 4,17) and hasten to the heavenly kingdom."

The words in bold are the ones that I am struggling with.

Thank you very much!

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