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Who is Placit.? Perseus doesn't have the abbreviations used in Liddell and Scott and even when I access the abbreviations, they seem to be from earlier versions where Placit. does not appear for whatever reason. Google is also useless. I assume Plot. is Plotinus and Hierocl. is Hierocles. But the others? Plu.Fr.? Dam.Pr.? Hp.?

ἔλ-λαμψις , εως, ἡ,
A.shining, flashing, Placit.3.3.12 (v.l.), metaph., illumination, irradiation, Plot.6.4.15, 5.8, al., Dam.Pr.34; “τῆς ἀληθείας” CA 20p.465M.
II. radiation of heat, Hp.1.134 D.,al.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Placit.?

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Placita Philosophorum: Pseudo-Plutarch text The Doctrines of the Philosophers - Perseus Link = Plutarch, Fragmenta incerta
Dam.Pr. = Damascius Philosophus, de Principiis Hp. = Stephanus Medicus, in Hippocratem ... works.html ... D1&force=y

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Re: Placit.?

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I found the word here:
When I clicked on Placit, this is what came up:
Pseudo-PLUTARCHUS, Placita philosophorum

Edit: I'm looking at LSJ at the link above because when I click on all the abbreviations you listed, I get the title of the text, the author and part of the text.

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