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Salvēte, nōmen mihi David est et jam diū hoc forum sequī voluī!

Sum programmātor ex Batāviā, quī in jūventūte et nunc in ōtiō linguīs classicīs (Latīnae praesertim) studēre solet ;)

Cum amīcīs lexica aliqua Latīna, quae nōndum in formā dīgitālī patent, cottīdiē trānscrībimus :-)


Hi, I'm David, I'm glad I finally joined your forum.

I normally work as a coder, but Latin's been always one my greatest interest (along with Greek, but Latin a little bit more). Me and my friends dedicate a lot of our time to transcription of some dictionaries that aren't online yet (in a digital form), since we think it's a thing worthwhile doing!

I'm looking forward to being here!

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Re: Salvēte!

Post by bedwere »

Libenter tē accipimus, ō Dāvīd!

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