Sappho 104

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Sappho 104

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Reading to my kids, we came across the following:


The next morning my youngest repeated the second line from memory, obviously impressed by poetry about sheep, goats, and children. Unfortunately, when I went to look it up in Greek, I was a bit disappointed:

Ἔσπερε πάντα φέρων ὄσα φαίνολις ἐσκέδασ’ Αὔως,
†φέρεις ὄιν, φέρεις αἶγα, φέρεις ἄπυ† μάτερι παῖδα.

Looking through the sources, here's my best attempt at fixing this into something I can read aloud to them, but I'm very disappointed to have lost the poor sheep, and hoping someone can do better, hopefully with an ὄιν in there:

Ἔσπερε πάντα φέρεις ὄσα φαίνολις ἐσκέδασ’ Αὔως,
αἶγα φέρεις οἶκόνδε φέρεις καὶ μάτερι παῖδα

Best I can do keeping the sheep:

οἶν τε φέρεις καί τ' αἶγα φέρεις καὶ μάτερι παῖδα

Like the one source I saw (scholiast, I think?) I really like the φέρεις...φέρεις...φέρεις sound.

L-P gives sources as φέρεις οἶνον φέρεις αἶγα φέρεις ματέρι παῖδα and separately φέρεις οἶον φέρεις οἶνον φέρεις αἶγα φέρεις ἄποιον μητέρι παῖδα
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