Vocabulary for every page and chapter of Homer

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Vocabulary for every page and chapter of Homer

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It is astounding that after so many centuries of study and after the latest groundbreaking discoveries in modern technology (the computer and all it's advantages) no one has yet published a greek-english lexicon for every page of the Iliad/Odyssey so that the student may easily read the text as fast as possible without spending hours on looking up words.

The spanish group GLG have come closest with their Homeric lexicon, BUT they have not ordered and ranked the lexicon into PAGES AND CHAPTERS which is of UTMOST NECESSITY for the beginner student.

I will never cease to be enraged at the smug, arrogant and utterly despicable old professors who have consciously held back the development of the classical languages with their focus on grammatical torments and disregard for SPEAKING latin/greek.

So anyway, is there any gentle soul who has accomplished such a vocabulary - page by page - for Homer? If not, let us all now commence, I have already begun with the first book of the Iliad, by the help of GLG: https://glg.csic.es/Greek_Lexica/greekLexicaTest.html

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