Groundbreaking discovery

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Groundbreaking discovery

Post by Paul Derouda »

This is quite sensational, by far the oldest fragment of the Iliad yet found. This also sheds light on the vexing question whether we should read δαιτα or πασι on line 1.5. ... homer/?amp

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Re: Groundbreaking discovery

Post by jeidsath »

Posted a day late...two days late for you.
"Here stuck the great stupid boys, who for the life of them could never master the accidence..."

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Re: Groundbreaking discovery

Post by cb »

Correct, just like the new Ovid fragment published on April Fools' last year: ... -new-naso/

I look forward to next year's discovery on 1 April!

Cheers, Chad

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Re: Groundbreaking discovery

Post by bcrowell »

It's disappointing that the article gives a romanization next to the image. During the Truman administration, I went to a very exclusive boarding school in New Hampshire where we were required to read Linear A without such aids, which of course serve only as crutches for people who aren't willing to do the hard work of mastering the syllabary. Once you have Linear A under your belt, the work really pays off -- it makes it much easier to appreciate the subtle nuances of Linear B. Sadly, my old school dramatically lowered its standards in the 60's. Paddling has been abandoned, and every year they now admit several students from less desirable social groups.
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Re: Groundbreaking discovery

Post by Speakclassics »

Jokes on them, we still have no confirmed date for when Homer lived and the Trojan War may well have occurred during or even before the mycenaean age.

What can scoffing and ignorant fools say of true history really. Not even the existence of Troy was admitted before Schliemann first excavated it.

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