A New Graded Greek Reader for Croy's Grammar

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A New Graded Greek Reader for Croy's Grammar

Post by Timotheos »

Hi everyone,

Here's a new Greek reader that was just published to accompany Clayton Croy's beginning Koine grammar: https://www.eerdmans.com/Products/7991/ ... eader.aspx

The publisher's description says:
Too often, Greek readers include difficult primary texts encumbered with glosses, but this reader from Mark Jeong is instead comprised of originally written texts keyed to the vocabulary and grammar taught in Clayton Croy’s Primer of Biblical Greek. Thus fluent, comprehensive reading—rather than painstaking translation—can be the goal.

In addition to providing useful practice, Jeong’s engaging narratives will help students of Greek grasp the nuances of particularly complicated aspects of Koine—such as the imperfect tense—by allowing them to see the language “in action” in various textual situations. Each narrative also follows a larger story about the adventures of Philemon, Onesimus, and Paul, making for enjoyable reading that better prepares one for the daunting task of eventually reading the Greek New Testament.

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Re: A New Graded Greek Reader for Croy's Grammar

Post by Jude2425 »

I'm about 70pgs into this and I'm enjoying it. I bought it for my son, but I'll take whatever CI I can get. Seamas said it was well-done with only minor issues, but I'll have to trust him on that--my Greek isn't so good that I can tell the difference between decent Greek and great Greek.

Some of the stories, especially at the beginning, are a bit contrived, but that's expected when you are starting with severely sheltered grammar and vocab. Overall, I think the works are interesting.

One big plus, he has created simplified passages from the GNT and LXX. I'm amazed that no one else has published a simplified biblical reader yet.

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