Whitacre's new grammar of NT Greek (2021)

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Whitacre's new grammar of NT Greek (2021)

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Hi all, just to let you know that Whitacre's new grammar of NT Greek is extremely clear and helpful throughout. It's full of tips, tricks and labels to help students internalise the points.

https://whitacregreek.com/grammar-of-ne ... ent-greek/

I don't think it replaces Wallace (it's pitched at an easier level), but it is probably a better starting point. For those who have come from classical Greek, it also references throughout the latest resources (e.g. the Cambridge grammar) and often explains how NT Greek differs from classical.

It's also very readable: my hardcopy from Amazon arrived last week and I just finished reading it cover to cover, between the cricket of course.* It is conversational in parts and contains some humour – sometimes you think you are reading a textbook rather than a grammar, it's so learner-oriented in its approach.

Another resource worth looking out for in the future is Whiteacre's JACT-equivalent for NT Greek, still a work in progress.

https://whitacregreek.com/learning-koin ... y-passage/

Cheers, Chad

* Many outside the Commonwealth may not realise that an epic 25-day or so sports battle of cricket, the second-most popular sport in the world after soccer, is currently underway between Australia and England, a contest called the "Ashes" played regularly since the 1800s. English members of this forum may be hurting at the moment, so let's all be extra nice to them. Why is called the "Ashes"?


What does this sport look like?


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Re: Whitacre's new grammar of NT Greek (2021)

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Oh dear Chad things are looking quite terrible for the visitors at the moment on day 2 of the Boxing Day Test! I am LOVING it! :lol:

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