Can Romance Language Speakers understand Latin?

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Can Romance Language Speakers understand Latin?

Post by Barry Hofstetter »

N.E. Barry Hofstetter

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Re: Can Romance Language Speakers understand Latin?

Post by jeidsath »

What a watch! This is a tremendously fun video.
"Here stuck the great stupid boys, who for the life of them could never master the accidence..."

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Re: Can Romance Language Speakers understand Latin?

Post by will.dawe »

It's the best video Luke ever made! I was laughing all the time.

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Re: Can Romance Language Speakers understand Latin?

Post by AmyOfRome »

I enjoyed his video on this and the similar ones he's made!

It also reminds me of times I've posted in Latin on my Facebook, and people respond to me in Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. One once said, in reply to a post I made about gardening in Latin, "I thought you said you didn't know Spanish!" :lol:

On a sadder note, it also reminds me of the fact that, on the local county news site, people complain about the "big words" the journalists use, like "imbibe." Maybe I'm the jerk here, but I would point out that learning other languages also improves your vocabulary and reading comprehension in your native language, if both are Indo-European languages, anyway. My main thoughts were (1) dictionary sites! I use them every day, and (2) I appreciate my 6tf grade English teacher for his "word of the day" thing he did, then he'd quiz us on the new words every Friday. "Verbose" and "tintinnabulation" are two vocab words I still remember him giving us! :mrgreen:

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