Fully search "Yonge's English-Greek Dictionary, 1870"

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Fully search "Yonge's English-Greek Dictionary, 1870"

Post by almound » Fri Mar 27, 2020 2:51 am

As promised back in November 2019, the 600 pages of the main body of Yonge's English-Greek Dictionary (1870) is now OCR'd and corrected to within 99% accuracy. This fully searchable pdf is available to download over at https://archive.org/details/@almound. This is the lexicographic section of that work from which I OCR'd and posted "The Order Of Words In Attic Greek Prose," by Charles Short, as well as 100+ pages of Greek synonyms as compiled by Alex Pillon, and edited by T.K. Arnold.

The next project is to OCR the English-Greek lexicon of Fradersdorff, as edited by T.K. Arnold and H. Brown (1860), and should be published by May.
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