Who are the Bormeani? (Sidgwick)

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Who are the Bormeani? (Sidgwick)

Post by daphnis »

Sidgwick's first exercise is about the Bormeani, but I wasn't
able to find out anything about them. In particular, I don't
know how to spell them in Greek. οἱ Βόρμεοι; ὁ τῶν Βορμέων

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Re: Who are the Bormeani? (Sidgwick)

Post by jeidsath »

It's a made up word by Sidgwick, and I don't know what he expected of his students. My guess is that he wanted them to think of Bormeani as Latin second declension (ie., like Oceanus, Oceani). So the Greek second declension equivalent would be οἱ Bορμεανοι, τῶν Βορμεανων. There are different accent conventions for proper name transliterations where the real accent is not known. I believe that it's left off everywhere in Rahlfs' Septuagint. I think that oxytone might also be considered a neutral accent. οἱ Βορμεανοί.

It's probably the least important thing to get right in the exercise though.
"Here stuck the great stupid boys, who for the life of them could never master the accidence..."

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