Direct and communicative approach to Latin and Greek?

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Direct and communicative approach to Latin and Greek?

Post by Khemit » Sun Jan 12, 2020 12:39 pm

Hello everyone,
I am going to start this topic in both the Greek and Latin Forum. For my PhD project (see my Introduction on the Open Board) and my own Latin and Greek studies, I would be very interested in locating beginning Greek and Latin resources which teach the language by the Direct Method or, more generally, by a more communicative approach. Of course the method books written by Rouse and his collegues would be a huge inspiration and an excellant start. So, would you be able to give me a list of the most important ones, both for Latin and Greek?

Then, Beyond Rouse's books, I see that there is a whole jungle of similar publications from that time, and I think I am getting a little bit lost.... Maybe you could give me a hand in identifying the key works, with a special focus on a communicative and spoken approach.

Thank you very in advance for your contributions.

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