Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" in Latin

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Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" in Latin

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As always, I concerned myself mainly with fitting the rhyme scheme and number of syllables per line, all the while being as faithful to the original meaning as possible under those constraints. No attempt was made to adhere to classical Roman meter, though I did try to align stress wherever I felt I could. I welcome any questions, suggestions, or even outright corrections, since this is probably not the final draft.

Tam vērissima'st
Prisca narrātiō.
Sunt vix amīcī,
Sed iunguntur hī
Gestū subitō.

Parva'st mūtātiō
Quam hī sentiunt tunc.
Tamen timidae
Et imparātae
Pulchr' et bestia sunt.

Numquam mūtātur.
Nōn exspectātur.
Uti fuit semper
Tam fidēliter
Quam sōl oriētur.

Aeternior cantiō'st
Iam quōvīs rhythmō.
Posse mūtārī
Et ēmendārī
Discis tē vērō.

Est tam certum quam
Sōlis cursus nunc.
Priscior narrātiō
Iam quōvīs aevō
Pulchr' et bestia sunt.

Aeternior cantiō
Iam quōvīs rhythmō
Pulchr' et bestia sunt.

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