Bradley's Arnold Exercise 1

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Bradley's Arnold Exercise 1

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I've decided to give prose composition a try using Bradley's Arnold Latin Prose Composition. I have an answer key but that hardly covers all the possible answers. I think input from the learned folk here would be much more productive. I'm aiming to get through a set of exercises every week. Any corrections or suggestions are greatly appreciated or feel free to join in the fun with your own translations.

1.)I have been elected consul by the votes of the Roman people; you are favoured by the enemies of the human race.
(Ego suffragiis populi Romani Consul factus sum; Tu ab omnium hostibus hominum faveris)
2.)The town had now been blockaded for three days; it was taken by assault on the fourth day.
(Oppidum tres dies iam obsessum erat. Quarto die expugnatum est.)
3.) I sent three messengers to you in the month of January.
(Tres nuntios mense Ianuario tibi misit.)
4.) If you are (fut.)obeyed, I shall be spared.
(Si tibi parebitur, mihi parcetur.)
5.) That district had been laid waste by the enemy with fire and sword.
(Igni et ferro ille ager ab hostibus vastatus erat.)
6.)I am envied, but you are despised.
(Mihi invidetur, tu contemneris.)
7.)Fortune favours the brave, but sometimes envies the fortunate.
(Fortuna fortibus favet, sed interdum felicibus invidet.)
8.)Having arrived at the city at daybreak, he sent for the chiefs.
(Cum ad urbem prima luce pervenisset, principes arcessivit.)
9.)I have never injured you, but you have always envied me, and you hate my friends.
(Numquam tibi nocui, sed semper mihi invidisti et amicos meos odisti.)
10.)Having heard this, he halted for three hours, but at mid-day began his march again.
(Hoc audito tres horas constitit, sed meridie iter redintegravit)
11.)Having spoken thus and having stretched forth his right hand, he showed him the way.
(His dictis dextra porrecta, ei viam monstravit.)

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Re: Bradley's Arnold Exercise 1

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Sorry to be a spoilsport, but I think you’d get much more profit from the key’s translations than from textkittens’. I suggest you attempt your own answers, then (and only then) compare them with the key’s, and then post here with any queries you have.

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