Hypertext Version of STEDMAN's Modern Greek Mastery

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Hypertext Version of STEDMAN's Modern Greek Mastery

Post by hotcajun » Sun Nov 03, 2019 2:19 am

Clovis Education has digitized Stedman's "Modern" Greek Mastery.

A word about this text for those unfamiliar with it.
"Modern" is in quotes here because since 1980, Modern Greek is Demotic, but when this book was written, "Modern Greek" was Katharevousa, and this book teaches a very conservative form of it, approaching Koine. So basically you have a text teaching simplified Koine (using modern pronunciation) but via modern vocabulary and conversational situations -- a real gem!

Feel free to give it a look: http://www.cloviscorp.com/collegium/gra ... edman.html

Any corrections or suggestions appreciated either in this forum or markcbordelon@cloviscorp.com .

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