Weak Aorist Accent Confusion

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Weak Aorist Accent Confusion

Post by Lukas » Sun Oct 06, 2019 9:34 pm

The rule at the bottom of page 158 and top of 159 of Introduction to Attic Greek pertaining to the accent of weak aorist infinitives states, "When the verb has two or more syllables (including any prefix), then the finite imperative form will have its accent on A, while the nonfinite infinitive has its accent fixed on P . . ."

Does any prefix include the augment? I had to write, "to praise." The aorist is ἐπῄνεσα. I wrote, "ἐπαινέσαι." The answer book agreed with that.

Then I had to write, "to ransom." The aorist is ἔλυσα. I wrote, "λυσάσθαι." The answer book placed the accent on the first syllable. With the augment, it has two syllables. Since I dropped the augment, do I count it as one syllable? I think I am confused as to when to count the syllables.

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