Ancient Greek Lexicon for Today's World

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Ancient Greek Lexicon for Today's World

Post by bedwere » Sun Jan 13, 2019 9:24 pm

Thanks to Nick's help (see thread), there is now a corrected and improved edtion of the ΛΕΞΙΚΟΝ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟΝ, the Greek translation of Sigrid Albert's Imaginum Vocabularium Latinum. The free (CC 4.0) pdf version is on the Internet Archive. The printed version is available on Lulu. Nick has some important suggestions for further improvement. Although I am little burnt out with this project and would like to resume the other works of mine, I do agree with him and I'm also adding my ideas to his:

1) Make a wiki version of the Lexicon. I am not sure what the best platform may be, but it should accomodate the requests specified in this list. Something flexible enough that people can download, search, and make custom pdfs to print.
2) Add glosses in other languages: English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Latin. Others?
3) Add CC 4.0 images.
4) Add more commentary, starting from Nick's.
5) Add more words. Dr. Albert's vacabulary was composed in the 90ies and many technological advancements had not occurred yet.

In general, Nick notices that the Lexicon has a German point of view, which is sometimes amusing. He also says that we
should make clear that modern Greek can be a useful source of lexicon, but should always be used with some caution, and the anachronism of discussing modern concepts in an Ancient language may be better served by more vague, Ancient expressions than by modern coinages. Also to beware the semantic drift of Modern Greek terminology.

Your help and constructive criticism are welcome.

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