Ancient Greek Computer Game - ideas?

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Ancient Greek Computer Game - ideas?

Post by daivid » Thu Oct 04, 2018 6:01 pm

I have written an Ancient Greek ( but my Greek is not good enough for me to be confident that it isn't full of errors so I have never publicized it.

I do think that games are very useful in language learning as the language is often repetitive yet is conveying information that the player has to pay attention to. Hence it is good at giving the player practice with the forms used and extending their vocabulary a bit.

If there is someone here who has the idea for a game and is able to write the Greek but doesn't have access to a site and/or is not confident at coding I would be happy to host that game on my site.

The conditions are that you write the Greek and that, if you want me to do the coding , the game should not require significantly more coding that the the game I've linked to above.

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