Chapter 5 Martial help

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Chapter 5 Martial help

Post by ThatGuyWhoLovesLatin »

The passage in question is:

Nōn cēnat sine aprō noster, Tite, Caeciliānus:
bellum convīvam Caeciliānus habet.

I tried to tackle this little bit of Latin poetry last night at about 2 am (200 on the 24 hour clock) and I couldn't tell if noster was the adjective for the pig or Caeciliānus. I know, it was stupid, but in my defense I was exhausted. Now, not tired, I've realized that it's not describing aprō (if it was it would be sine aprō nostrō If I'm not mistaken) but it's describing Caeciliānus since it's the only other nominative in the sentence, and Tite is obviously the vocative for Titus, so I thought since I knew everything, I'd now try to translate my first piece of Latin poetry, here it goes.

"Titus, our Caeciliānus doesn't dine without a pig:
Caeciliānus considers it a charming dinner guest."

Whew, hopefully it's not too wrong. Also, it's pretty funny xD

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Re: Chapter 5 Martial help

Post by tbearzhang »

Looks right to me, for what that's worth...

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Re: Chapter 5 Martial help

Post by anphph »

It's fine, except that aper is a wild boar, not a pig.

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