Chapter 3 Help

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Chapter 3 Help

Post by ThatGuyWhoLovesLatin »

Well, it's not help as it is seeing if I'm wrong or not. In chapter 3, we're presented with a little paragraph from Horace:

"Agricola et vītam et fortūnam nautae saepe laudat; nauta magnam fortūnam et vītam poētae saepe laudat; et poēta vītam et agrōs agricolae laudat. Sine philosophiā avārī virī dē pecūniā semper cōgitant: multam pecūniam habent, sed pecūnia multa virum avārum nōn satiat."

Which I translated to:

"The farmer often praises the life and fortune of the sailor, the sailor often praises the great fortune and life of the poet, and the poet praises the life and fields of the farmer. Without philosophy, greedy men always think about money: they have much money, but much money does not satisfy a greedy man."

I can't see any problems with this translation as I'm writing this, but I might be ignorant of something I've done wrong.

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Re: Chapter 3 Help

Post by seneca2008 »

Looks fine to me! :D

Although et is "both" not "and ... and".
Persuade tibi hoc sic esse, ut scribo: quaedam tempora eripiuntur nobis, quaedam subducuntur, quaedam effluunt. Turpissima tamen est iactura, quae per neglegentiam fit. Et si volueris attendere, maxima pars vitae elabitur male agentibus, magna nihil agentibus, tota vita aliud agentibus.

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