The D’Ooge group is accepting new students.

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The D’Ooge group is accepting new students.

Post by Andrus » Thu Jan 18, 2007 4:51 pm

Hi all,

The first class, and only so far, of the D’Ooge group is, at this point, only alive because of the stubbornness of two persons. Since we are stubborn and would like to keep the group going, and after consulting with the TextKit Group Coordinator, we are glad to inform that the D’Ooge group is accepting new members.

The study group has been working in the following way:
- One lesson per week.
- We have just finished the lesson XXXV.
- The exercises are made through the excellent site GTTS, of Paul.
- The exercises are published in the site till every Friday by the “students?.
- In the beginning of the next week (usually through Monday and Tuesday) we review the exercises and, if needed, discuss it between us.

At the moment we have not the guidance of more knowledge persons, so we have been checking our answers between my previous experience with the book (not much of reference I know), the fine skills of Tjnor and the answers’ key.

If anyone wants to join please send me an email so I can pass the necessary information to the access of the mailing list and the GTTS page.

Best regards to all,


P.S- For information about the GTTS page please see the reply of Paul on this post:


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