One thing that really bugs me...

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Post by mingshey » Tue Nov 09, 2004 2:45 am

Geoff and Timothy have explained the situation clearly. Website contents are there because the site holder wanted to distribute the contents for people like me who couldn't find any resource for learning ancient greek elsewhere. But for such an website(like textkit) to be able to keep running, people have to visit constantly, or rather, increasingly. Jeff and his staff are creating more contents for this site, and the visitors. But if some other site is copying and posting on their own site, and thus stealing the visitors from this site, textkit will lose its power and produce less and less contents, or eventually shut down. Then would the stealing site produce the contents in its stead? No. they had no real power to produce the contents. They were just stealing and when the original site withers and dies, the thief site loses its source, too. It's a para-site. And poor little people like me loses a wonderful resource he might not get again in decades. And it's not only the contents I'll lose. I'll have the backup of the pdf's already, though I could no longer expect to get the missing pages of some books Jeff has promised to post later. But I'll lose the community, too, where people exchange ideas and helps. And the study group. You do not only harm a website when you lift it, you harm the visitors, too.

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Post by Keesa » Mon Nov 15, 2004 1:19 pm

Has anybody thanked Harry yet for taking the content off his site when he was asked to?

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