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Unit Fourteen--Exercises

Posted: Wed Apr 14, 2010 1:01 am
by hlawson38
Several items have given me much trouble. I'm giving my best guesses.

4. Semper sic vivamus ut naturam optimam ducem sequi videamur.

Let us so live that we are seen to follow the best leader. ???

I don't see the grammar of the three consecutive accusatives: "naturam optimam ducem".

15. Aliquid inveni modo ames.

May you like only what I find. ???

21. Si tanta vis virtutis est, ut eam non solum in eis, quos numquam vidimus, sed quod maius est,
in hoste miremur, quid mirum est, si animi hominum moveantur, videntes eorum, quibuscum usu iuncti esse possunt, virtutem et veritatem.

If courage is so impressive that we admire it not only in these (men) that we now see, but what is worse, we admire it in the enemy, which is a marvel, if the spirits of men are moved, seeing it, how fine it would be if courage and truth were joined together. ???

I feel that I'm not making sense of #21.

22. Neque enim quisquam est tam inimicus Musis qui non tradi versibus aeternam suorum factorum famam
facile patiatur.

Nobody hates poetry so much that he cannot put up with verses praising the eternal fame of his own deeds.

I need help on "tradi".

27. I am baffled by this one: Modo fac ne quid aliud hoc tempore agas nisi ut hunc dolorem ex animo quam celerrime pellas.

45. Fieri nullo modo poterat quin victis parceretur.

Nothing could be done unless victory was spared.?????

Re: Unit Fourteen--Exercises

Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2016 7:06 pm
by lshowman
#45 - Hybrid of substantive clause of result (p233) fieri potest and quin introducing negative clause of characteristic (p235); victis is substantive of vinco, vincere

"It was in no way possible that the conquered would not be spared"