Was this cribbed from History by the Bard?

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Was this cribbed from History by the Bard?

Post by Cathexis » Sat Apr 18, 2009 7:47 pm


I went on-line to look for a favorite quote I thought was Caesar's but came up with Shakespeare's play instead:
Cas. For ever, and for ever, farewell, Brutus!
If we do meet again, we'll smile indeed;
If not, 'tis true this parting was well made.
Bru. Why, then, lead on. O! that a man
might know
The end of this day's business, ere it come;
But it sufficeth that the day will end,
And then the end is known. Come, ho! away!
- Julius Caesar Act V Scene 1 The Plains of Phillipi
I love this quote but somehow I thought the *real* Caesar said something like it when addressing his troops in Gaul.
I'm well aware Shakespeare often drew on Plutarch. Is there such a real quote by Great Caesar or is it just a
fig-newton of my imagination ?

Enjoy the Day,

Romani ite Domum

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