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Translation help

Post by Tea9000 » Sat Oct 04, 2008 6:26 am

Ok, I think I got most of this, at least to a certain degree, a few words I can't find a translation for however are...

Here is the text...
Ante lucem vigilavi de somno; surrexi de lecto, sedi, accepi pedules, caligulas; calceavi me; poposci aquam ad faciem; lavo primo manus, deinde faciem lavi; extersi; deposui dormitoriam; accepi tunicam ad corpus; praecinxi me; unxi caput meum et pectinavi; feci circa collum pallam; indui me superariam albam; supra induo paenulam; processi de cubiculo cum paedagogo et cum nutrice salutare patrem et matrem; ambos salutavi....descendi de domo. Eo in scholam. Introivi, dixi: Ave magister.

Translated as I see it...
I awoke from sleep before the light. I arose from bed, took a seat, I took socks, boots; I put my boots on. I demanded water for my face. First I wash my hands, then I washed my face. I wiped dry. put down my sleeping clothes. I took a shirt to my body, around me. I oiled my head and combed. (Feci) go around my neck (pallam). I put on my (superariam) white. above I dress myself with a cloak. I went from my bedroom with the slave who attends children and with nurse, greet father and mother. both greeted....descended from home. To go to school. walk into, speak: Hail teacher.

This is our first time in class using the perfect tense, I seem to fill in some words to make it sound correct in english all though I'm not sure if you are supposed to do that? If anyone can let me know about that and the words above I can't find a translation for I would appreciate it.

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