DOCK is related to the Greek Δοχή (doche)

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DOCK is related to the Greek Δοχή (doche)

Post by Neos » Sat Aug 30, 2008 4:35 am

The word DOCK (the area of water between two piers or alongside a pier that receives a ship for loading, unloading, or repairs; a pier, a wharf) is related to the Greek word Δοχή (doche; a place for receiving or holding the ships) from the verb Δέχομαι (dechome; to receive, to contain).

In modern Greek
α) δοχείο: pot, container, receptacle, dispenser [dochio]
β) δέχομαι: receive, contain [dechome]
γ) ντόκος: dock [dokos]


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