De variis formulis colloquendi, lectio sexta

Enter the Agora to try to communicate with others in Latin and Ancient Greek.
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De variis formulis colloquendi, lectio sexta

Post by Franmorar » Sat Aug 23, 2008 9:38 pm

De variis formulis colloquendi

Lectio sexta

Incipit lectio sexta.

Age, state (condition), behavior /Aetas, conditio, mores

Whose (of which father) is this boy? = Puer hic unde est?
He looks like his father. = Respondet patri. Oris similitudine patrem refert.
He doesn’t look like his father at all. = Natura eum prorsus a similitudine patris (parentis) arripuit.
You both are very alike, he is very alike to you. = Tui (tibi) similis est probe.
What is your name? = Qui vocaris? Quod nomen tibi est?
My name is Franmorar. = Mihi nomen est Franmorarius.
How old is he? = Quotum agit aetatis annum?
He is ten years old.= Decimum agit (aetatis annum). Decem annos est natus.
He is over ten. = Excessit (egressus est) annos decem.
He is not six year old yet. = Nondum sextum aetatis annum egressus est.
I am as old as you are. We are the same age. = Ego te aetate consequor.
He is as old as I am. = Aequalis est meus (aetate).
Older, “big?/ Younger, “little?. = Natu major (provectior)/ Natu minor (posterior, inferior).
Good sense comes as one grews old. = Ratio cum aetate adolescit.
Where do you live? = Ubi habitas?
My house is in front of this school. = Respondet domus mea huic gymnasio.
He lives (very) near to our house. = Propinque nostris aedibus habitat. Accolit nostras aedes.
He lives by the square. = Habet se (habitat) propter aream.
He lives upstairs. = Summis in aedibus habitat.
When will you behave like a sane person? When will you act sensibly? = Quando sapies?
He has not much good sense. = Parum admodum sapit.
He is not sensible at all. He acts like a fool. = Nihil sapit.
You are too prudent (cautious). = Praeter modum sapis.
He is idle, he is a loafer. = Pigritia (abl.) laborat.
He is dim, dense. He is not much of an intelligent person.= Ingenio parum potest.
He is very talented. = Multis naturae muneribus (dotibus) ornatus est. Plurimum ingenio valet (potest).

Finis lectionis sextae.

Valete, interretiales amici!

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