Assumed possessiveness

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Assumed possessiveness

Post by mariek » Tue Sep 23, 2003 11:06 pm

<br />sententias de anima mutare inceperamus sed sententias non mutaveratis<br /><br />I translated this as:<br /><br />We had begun to change (our) opinion about the soul, but you had not changed (your) opinion (about the soul).<br /><br />I started out by using "the" in place of our and your, because they aren't mentioned explicitly. Is it incorrect to fill in the blanks with the "assumed" our and your? I also assumed the second part was also an opinion about the soul.<br /><br />

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Re:Assumed possessiveness

Post by phil » Tue Sep 23, 2003 11:19 pm

Yes, possessiveness is sometimes not explicitly stated where we would use it. I remember this particulary because some time ago I read Learn Latin (Peter V Jones), and one of the sentences was from the bible - which translated literally as 'God gave a son to the world'. The 'his' was not mentioned, but assumed.<br /><br />Cheers

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