Double-checking dative use

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Double-checking dative use

Post by caeruleus » Thu Feb 10, 2005 9:54 pm


These are 3 senctences, in which I am checking for dative use. Hence, please confirm:

1. Quid est nomen filiae Latonae?
--Nomen filiae Latonae est Diana.

2. Quid est nomen filio Latonae?
--Nomen filio Latonae Phoebus est.

3. Dantne feminae dona Latonae?
--Ita, feminae dona Latonae dant.

Initially, my comments are these:

Interrogative sentence #1: "nomen" is the accusative singular, and "filiae" is the dative singular leading into the genitive singular "Latonae." Is analysis correct?
Sentence response #1: "Nomen" is accusative singular, and "filiae" is the dative indirect object followed by "Latonae" as genitive singular with Diana as subject. Is my response to the interrogative correct?

Interrogative sentence #2: Same issue.
Sentence response #2: Same issue.

Interrogative sentence #3: "Dantne" takes the dative singular "Latonae."
Sentence response #3: "Dant" takes the dative singular "Latonae." Is this correct?

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Post by Junius » Fri Feb 11, 2005 4:22 am

In sentences 1 and 2, nomen is not accusative. The rest is fine (including number 3). Good luck with your studies.

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