Various Subjunctive Clauses from The Book of Numbers

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Various Subjunctive Clauses from The Book of Numbers

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Numquid ego concepi omnem hanc multitudinem, vel genui eam, ut dicas mihi: Porta eos in sinu tuo sicut portare solet nutrix infantulum, et defer in terram, pro qua jurasti patribus eorum?-V.Num. 11.12

Have I conceived all this multitude, or begotten them, that thou shouldst say to me: Carry them in thy bosom as the nurse is wont to carry the little infant, and bear them into the land, for which thou hast sworn to their fathers?- DR
Welcome, I would like to get more practice here with the subjunctive mood in Latin, and so I would ask for your assistance. I will venture to guess the answer, although I may be wrong quite often.

Now my guess here is purpose clause, correct?

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