Victor's introduction

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Victor's introduction

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Hi everyone,

I'm Victor, a retired 78 year old mechanical engineer. My education, as is the norm in Anglo-Saxon countries has been exclusively based on physics, mathematics and various engineering fields, alas not even a whiff of the classics. When I turned 50, I decided to teach myself Latin, moderately difficult for someone whose mother tongue is Italian, but not as easy as one might think; plenty of faux amis between the two languages.

At age 60, I decided to learn Ancient Greek. Went to night school for one year and the textbook was Athenaze, absolutely brilliant book. We covered the first volume and I was entranced by the language. Unfortunately, work did not permit me to continue with the semi-formal studies, so I studied the second volume by myself. I've translated every Greek text twice from cover to cover but unfortunately I began a little too late in life and Ancient Greek is not ensconced in the permanent memory section of my brain, I need to keep at it, otherwise like Sisyphus my linguistic boulder will be forever slipping down the hill. I've read some of the discussions in the forum and I'm sure there will be plenty of stimuli to keep going.

What are my aims with Ancient Greek? I want to read Herodotus, I've already started, and Thucydides. I tend to get stuck with minor grammatical issues that contribute little to understanding the text, but I find it difficult to let go. I hope the collective knowledge of the forum will resolve them.

Looking forward to taking part in future discussions


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Re: Victor's introduction

Post by bedwere »

Welcome to Textkit, Victor!

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Re: Victor's introduction

Post by Paul Derouda »

Welcome! Don't hesitate to post your questions on the forum or anything else about these authors you feel you need to discuss. Personally, I'm particularly interested about Herodotus.

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