Introduction David Cohen

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Introduction David Cohen

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Dear all,

After stumbling upon a topic about Attic paraphrases of Homer's Iliad, I am very happy to become a member of Textkit. My name is David Omar Cohen, I am a high school teacher at the Barlaeus Gymnasium ( in Amsterdam. I believe the Kingdom of the Netherlands is the only country in the world where Latin and Ancient Greek are compulsory subjects for students in order to obtain a 'gymnasium' certificate. Most schools offer Latin for three years and Greek for two, after which one of the languages (or both) is chosen for another three years.

I apologize for the numerous mistakes and inaccuracies in my English: it really is an easy language to learn, but it is a terribly hard language if one wants to learn it well. Please feel free to correct me.

I should like to exchange experiences regarding to reading texts from the ancient world, or Neo-Latin and Neo-Ancient Greek texts such as the Astronautilia or the Harlemias, and studying them with students.

Currently, I am working on numerous learning materials for pupils in their 4th year: excerpts from Caesar's Civil War and Lucan's Pharsalia, Seneca's Octavia, Philostratos' Love Letters and Jan Křesadlo's Astronautilia.

I am looking forward to getting to know the current and future members of this forum and engaging in philological discussions.
Sincerely yours

David Cohen

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Re: Introduction David Cohen

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Welcome to Textkit, David!

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